The draft PFRA was made available for public consultation in August 2011.  All submissions and observations received during the consultation period were taken in to account in the finalisation of the PFRA which was then reported to the EU Commission as required under the 2007 EU Floods Directive.

The finalised PFRA Main Report is available for download – please  click here.

Final Designation of the Areas for Further Assessment (AFAs)

Professional flood risk managers visited all areas being considered as AFAs to validate the findings of the PFRA on the ground. The outcomes of the public consultation and this  professional validation were carefully considered by the OPW, in conjunction with the local authorities, prior to the finalisation of the AFAs, designated for further assessment under the CFRAM Programme.

To access the Designation Report for AFAs which includes the list of locations designated as AFAs please  click here.

Draft PFRA Documents

For clarity, the suite of documents – maps and related reports which were placed on public display at Local Authority principal offices during the public consultation are listed on the right and downloadable as indicated. 

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