Public Consultation

Programme for Consultation

Late 2014 / Early 2015: The CFRAM Project teams held public consultation events on the flood maps in relevant communities around the country.

Mid 2015: Formal consultation process on the flood maps, as required under SI No. 122 of 2010. The maps will be on display in the main local authority offices and will be available to view via the CFRAM website. You will be able to make a submission either on-line, or in writing by post. Further information will be provided when this consultation process begins.

Autumn 2015: Public consultation events will be held in the relevant communities around the country to present which options have been considered to manage and reduce flood risk, and which measures are viable and might be proposed for implementation. Further information will be provided on these events in due course.

Spring 2016: Formal consultation process on the draft Flood Risk Management Plans, as required under SI No. 122 of 2010. This will be similar to the formal consultation process on the flood maps.


Public Information

CFRAM Studies

There are a range of ways in which you can keep up-to-date with what’s going on with the CFRAM Studies.  These include:

  • Project Websites, when developed, will provide information on progress, published reports and forthcoming events
  • Newsletters, which will be available from the Project Websites.
  • Public Consultation Days, which are informal consultation events at key stages during the Studies
  •  Ad-hoc meetings and consultations

Consultation will be organised through each of the CFRAM Studies. If you wish to make an informal observation, supply relevant information, on the CFRAM Programme please click here to Have Your Say.

Contact Details

The CFRAM Studies are being commissioned at the scale of the River Basin District (RBDs).
The links to the individual project Websites and further information, for each of these Studies, are on the left of this page.

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